Worker Strikes, Workplace Security and Workplace Violence

Protecting Assets When Strikes Occur

Eagle Protective’s highly experienced strike security and strike management team can help you maintain production, prevent vandalism and acts of violence during periods of labor unrest.  The New Labor Environment for Strike Security & Strike Management Business downsizing and the recent shift to a pro-business Congress have created a climate more conducive to labor unrest than at any time during the past 20 years. In this environment, the probability increases significantly for:

  • A greater potential for conflict during negotiations
  • An increase in unfounded Workers’ Compensation claims
  • Destruction of property, equipment, inventory and good will
  • Threats of bodily harm, assaults and acts of violence

The Eagle Protective Advantage Eagle Protective’s experienced strike security & strike management professionals can help reduce your liability by:

  • Preparing pro-actively before a strike occurs
  • Putting covert operations in place to gather information for detecting sabotage and defeating
  • fraudulent Workers’ Compensation claims
  • Safeguarding individuals and property during a strike
  • Keeping your company doors open so you can continue to produce products and deliver services

Recent downsizing in today’s business environment has increased the possibility of labor unrest, violence, and conflict during negotiations.  Eagle Protective’s security professionals safeguard your company by going undercover to gather information and by preparing pro-actively before a strike occurs.

Workplace Security, Substance Abuse & Violence Prevention Training

Eagle Protective provides professional training and consulting solutions to reduce and control illegal activity occurring in the workplace, school, and community.  Eagle Protective also provides training to address the increasing incidence of workplace violence.  Eagle Protective’s on-site seminars train your supervisors and managers how to deal with the many complex issues of today’s workplace environment including substance abuse and workplace violence.  Training is targeted to all levels of management but benefits any employee who engages in interpersonal activity in the workplace.  With Eagle protective’s training and implementation of your strong corporate policies, your potential liability and monetary losses during litigation can be substantially reduced.  Eagle Protective’s training emphasizes observation, documentation and implementation of your corporate policies regarding job performance and behavior.  Eagle Protective’s training effectively addresses these issues:

Substance Abuse:  We train your supervisors and managers to recognize and observe the signs and symptoms of drug and alcohol use and abuse.  Proper documentation of observations Implementing pro-active response to job performance and behavior issues within the guidelines of your company policy.

Workplace Violence Prevention is Smart Business

Workplace Violence Prevention is Smart Business Workplace terminations are never pleasant and can be dangerous if there is any suspicion that terminated employees may react violently.  Human resource and personnel managers should be aware of this possibility and rely on their previous experiences with employees to make security conscious judgments regarding high risk terminations.  Eagle Protective can help you take proper steps to minimize the danger to yourself or other employees through workplace violence prevention planning and provide an on-site presence during and after the termination.  Prior to the termination, Eagle Protective security professionals are available to consult with you to assist with the termination process, to coordinate your corporate security department, or involve local law enforcement.  In cases where threats of violence have been made by employees who are being terminated, a thorough investigation should be conducted and action plans established in the event of problems.  In more than 90% of workplace violence incidents perpetrators have told acquaintances that he or she would commit the act before it happened.  Eagle Protective also provides training to assist management to recognize, evaluate and implement action plans for workplace violence prevention.