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Training Class Descriptions

New Shooter 101: Advance Shooter Instruction and Ohio Concealed Carry Certification

Women’s Self Defense & Situational Awareness Class: This class is sponsored by Eagle Protective Services and instructed by Ptl. Steve Tryon and Sgt. Mike Werner of the Eastlake Police Department. Both instructors are certified training officers in local police academies on topics including self defense and subject control. Covered in this class is situational awareness, then hands-on physical application with simple but effective self defense tactics such as striking, kicking, restraint breaks and escapes.

Women’s Self Defense Open Mat Night: Brush up on skills learned in the basic class, learn some new escapes, strikes, kicks and have fun in a no judgement zone!

Active Shooter Event Preparedness: Awareness, escape plan, fight back or hide – all the things you’ll want to consider whether you’re at your workplace, out shopping, at a sporting event, or even walking in your neighborhood.