Subrogation & Litigation

Eagle assists by having highly qualified professionals conduct a review of documents and reports issued by other parties in the litigation. The person conducting the evaluation examines all aspects of the case to determine the reliability of the information. The client receives valuable information regarding the completeness and accuracy of the other party’s case and information that can be used in questioning the other party’s experts.

To assist the client in the pursuit or the defense of liability claims, it is important to review the methodology used by other experts in reaching their determination. From this information a complete analysis of the conclusion along with supporting documentation is furnished to the client.

The possibilities of a specific product being responsible or not responsible for an incident or failure are determined through research and testing. National databases are searched to determine availability of information on specific products. The type of damage to the product is examined in an effort to determine whether or not a failure occurred and in cases of failure the exact cause. In some cases testing of like products can be performed in an effort to duplicate the event.

An evaluation of all facts dealing with the incident is conducted to determine if any third parties have responsibility for the damages because of their negligence. After the evaluation is completed, a comprehensive report is prepared explaining whether or not action by a third party was a contributing factor and identifying that party.

Investigations can include:

  • Tracing of ownership ~ Acquisitions ~ Product history
  • Photographs ~ Product installation and/or modification ~ Diagrams
  • Recreation of traffic accident scenes ~ Signed statements/interviews
  • Determination of insurance coverage with all pertinent data