Surveillance / Covert


Our surveillance investigation services are committed to deliver. We have experienced investigators who gather facts and information about claimants, employees and/or spouses. Our surveillance investigators pride themselves in under cover techniques, confidentiality and their ability to get bottom line results. Our pre-surveillance background investigations allow us to gain valuable intelligence about our subject, before ever leaving the office.

Eagle’s private investigators collect and locate information and individuals in order to assist in various private and commercial endeavors. Criminal defense and insurance claim investigations save thousands of dollars by protecting against fraudulent claims and scams. Surveillance investigations, asset searches and complete background checks for the purpose of corporate due diligence help companies make informed decisions that could save millions of dollars. Our investigators use real life and technological techniques to find the information needed to answer the question of businesses and individuals alike. Photographic, audio and video evidence can be collected in a discreet and accurate manner to provide undeniable proof and accurate information.

Covert Operations

Eagle Protective provides clients with Special Investigators trained to conduct long and short term, covert investigations from within the client’s organization.

Agents are trained to recognize and submit unbiased reports to the client concerning any violations of corporate policies and violations of civil and criminal law that are being committed by employees such as:

  • Illegal drug trafficking
  • Substance abuse
  • Theft and fraud
  • Espionage
  • Sabotage
  • Discrimination
  • Sexual harassment

Every investigation begins with proper planning and preparation.  We develop each investigation to maximize results and to insure the highest possible return on our client’s investment.  With the client’s assistance and listening to their concerns, we gather information necessary to develop a plan and how Eagle Protective can successfully operate their investigation.