Eagle Protective Services is based in Eastlake, Ohio.  Our services include Security Personnel, Security Consulting and Private Investigators for personal and corporate needs in the Ohio region.  We offer a wide variety of services, and utilize state of the art equipment to meet our client’s needs.

Our professional staff consists of both armed and unarmed employees to meet all your security and investigation needs.  At Eagle Protective Services, we specialize in security, including posts and patrols, and offer a variety of specialty services.  Our network includes other professional firms throughout the United States to provide our clients with quality, cost effective service.  Our employees arrive from diverse backgrounds which include security specialists, current and former law enforcement officers, and former military personnel.  Our officers receive continuous training from certified Law Enforcement officers.  Our officers are also experienced in covert surveillance, S.W.A.T., explosive ordinances, and dignitary escorts.  Eagle Protective Services is proud to operate at a higher standard of professionalism, ensuring you and your business a quality service.

Eagle also has law enforcement trained and Certified ALICE and Active Shooter in the Workplace advisers and trainers.  Eagle can build or refine your workplace violence procedure, build a site/ location specific Active Shooter in the Workplace presentation specific to your business.  We can then deliver the presentation at your facility or ours reducing your liability in the event of such horrific occurrence’s.  Training your people to handle various types of events is our mission.  These skills can also be used in your employees lives outside the workplace as well (traveling for business/ pleasure, grocery stores, malls, gas stations etc.)